Dharmi-Yoga® approach is based on the five elements for stress-release, self-development and spiritual enhancement.

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We find the Five Elements in sounds in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. The mantra Wahe Guru consiste on the alignment of the elements:

  • Wa –  water element
  • He – air element
  • Gu – earth element
  • Ru – fire element
  • Silence before, between and at the end _ the ether

In Dharmi-Yoga we integrate the five elements to release stress and balance the five bodies:

  • Earth – the physical, bone, structure
  • Water – the water manifestation (physically), emotions, relationships within and around
  • Fire – the muscles and biorhythm (physically), sense of purpose and actions
  • Air – the breath and skin (physically), clarity of mind, thoughts
  • Ether – magnetic field, divine spiritual energy

The practice is based on intention and alignment of these elements along your asana practice as well as in the integration of the 8 limbs of yoga.

Dharmi-Yoga supports balance, PTSD healing, transcendence of chronic ailments patterns or beliefs, mindfulness, embodiment of your gifts with purpose.

We offer private and group classes, continuing education training accredited by Yoga Alliance -YACEP-, and International Association of Yoga Therapy IAYT -APD-.

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