Are you inspired to become a yoga teacher and to support the wellbeing of the people around you? DHARMI-YOGA@ of the 5 Elements is a mindful and holistic approach of yoga. The teacher training certification program is done on a 6-month period, a semester. DHARMI-YOGA® is an approach based on the 5 elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, ether. The asanas, pranayamas and series focus on the healing of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the alignment of the five bodies (physical, emotional, behavioral, mental and spiritual).
Purification and alignment of the Five Elements and Five Bodies through DHARMI-YOGA®

Training course can be completed in private or in group, online or in person.

What is included in the 6-month teacher training program:

– Ethics and philosophy, gunas, bandhas, chakras, 8 limbs of yoga (nyamas, yamas) – Holistic Foot Analysis based on the 5 Elements – Yoga sequences to balance the 5 Elements – Pranayamas (breathing techniques), mantras and mudras (hand yoga) for each of the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether. – Asanas (yoga postures) to purify and balance each element – Anatomy – Teaching techniques based on the 5 elements to harmonize the 5 bodies – Self-studies and practices along the program – daily and observation of the application of ethics in everyday life – Evaluation and examination – Certification accredited by Yoga Alliance International RYS200 Categories in training: (TTP) techniques, training and practice (™) teaching method (AP) anatomy and physiology (YPLE) philosophy, yoga ethics and practice. Program: – 3hrs seminar weekly (half-day) – 2x 1hr class weekly – Each month is focused on specific themes and elements: 1st month: Initiation to yoga philosophy and principles in yoga asanas 2nd month: Air Element with breathing practices and yoga asanas 3rd month: Fire Element 4th month: Water Element 5th month: Earth Element 6th month: Ether Element Click here for details about the program and registration: __________________________________ Offered mainly in private or semi- private classes, DHARMI YOGA® draws upon the energies of five fundamental elements, and the universal laws of alignment in the seven dimensions. The five elements in the DHARMI YOGA® practice consist of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. These key elements are integrated into the yoga practice with intention. The element of Earth represents our foundation and grounding. Through this element, we explore the experience and rooting of our physical body. Water represents our emotions and our interpersonal relationships. We explore and experience the channeling and flow of our feelings. With Fire, we feel energy and the pulse of life within us. In the DHARMI YOGA® practice, the element of Fire represents action, direction, and the inner fire. We tune in to the natural rhythm of our heart. The element of Air guides the breath, giving conscious direction. Through this element, we explore the depth and rhythm of the breath, and the connection between the mind’s thoughts and intentional breathing. Ether is our spiritual realm. This element represents the magnetic field and the chakras. We make peace, we allow time for contemplation, and we experience the interconnectedness of the five bodies. We bring awareness to any obstacles surrounding our intentions through the DHARMI YOGA® practice. These may be our core beliefs, fears, or other attachments that hold us back. By observing our breath and rhythm, we allow our bodies to organically move from a place of acceptance and consciousness. We honor where we are in the present. Never forcing, we give space to release resistance and tension. By moving in this way, the proper pranayama is reached with grace and integrity, from our authentic inner selves. Through the DHARMI YOGA® practice, we create room for stillness, and the chance to celebrate our connection with the Divine. We are able to shift our perception to an experience of acceptance as we choose between fear and love. We experience open hearts, connection, and a discovery of the authentic self. Namaste, Christelle Chopard E-RYT500, C-IAYT Founder DHARMI® Method Life coaching certification trainings Yoga teacher trainings


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— As reference in yogic philosophies: Sadh Guru offers introductions to the Five Elements in Yoga The chant in kundalini yoga: Wahe-Guru supports the alignment of the Five Elements: Wa- water element He- air element Gu-earth element Ru- fire element Silence before during and after- ether element