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Locaton: USA & Switzerland
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Christelle Chopard

Christelle Chopard is the founder of the DHARMI® – A clear methodology for holistic healing and self-development.

She is the author of a trilogy to present the main pathways in the DHARMI Map Click Here. She is a handwriting expert, holistic healer, qigong instructor, dance therapist, yoga instructor, founder of yoga-water. She began her career as holistic therapist and consultant in Switzerland in 1990.

Ms Chopard offers private sessions online, and in person, guiding people through the Map. She leads seminars, and training, in Florida and other locations around the States and Europe. She shares wise teachings guiding the participants through enlightening active and passive meditations.

At this time, Christelle Chopard is based in Miami, Florida. In the last 25 years has supported people worldwide to connect the dots in their life, and to find a sense of integrity. Her wisdom, and experiences in different cultures, allow her to tune clearly with her students/clients; honoring their evolution and rhythm with grace and respect. She leads you through the DHARMI Map to clarify your way within the way, guiding you to access your inner voice and strength. You will align with your intention, higher purpose, and receive the tools to live with integrity, harmony, and abundance.

Licensed DHARMI® Holistic Consultant
Location: Dallas, TX, USA

April Wilkinson

I am a 200 RYT and was drawn to yoga to find relief from stress.  It opened the door to so much more! It is funny how life guides you and opens doors that you would have never thought about, or even were possible.

I met Christelle and had my first DHARMI Consultation 3 years ago. My first session was such an eye opener and yet a stress reliever at the same time. I left feeling that I have just been introduced to myself for the very first time. It was the first time in my life that I reflected upon me and where I was in my life.

I think that the DHARMI Method is just that, getting in touch with you and your journey.   Life has a funny way of taking you where you need to go, and I am very grateful that this experience was one of the steps on the way.

Certified DHARMI-YOGA® Teacher & Facilitator
Locaton: Miami, FL, USA
Level: certified DHARMI Facilitator & Yoga-Teacher RYS-200

Giuliano Geronymo

A few years ago in college, I realized that I was unfulfilled on the deepest level. I had all the friends at the best school with a packed social calendar, yet I felt something was missing. I began doing community yoga once a week and started walking my path towards fulfillment. The more I ate well, read, and attended all the spiritual events I could, the more the walk became a full on sprint to desperately reach “the destination” where I would have it all figured out, until I realized that was a silly illusion. Oh boy did that rollercoaster take a plunge!

When the founder of the DHARMI®, Christelle Chopard, explained how it would specifically benefit me, it sounded too good to be true and I was very skeptical (yet very interested!). On top of that, it seemed out of my budget since my Mechanical Engineering major did not allow me time off to work. However, each and every seminar of the Mentorship & Yoga Teacher Training was related to what I studied in my free time and I was captivated to learn. Christelle told me to be open to the synchronicities and I gave it a shot. She must have secretly sprinkled fairy dust on me because I was already starting to align with abundance in my life before the date of my first seminar!

As I dive deeper into the essence of the teachings, I have realized how crazy this rollercoaster can be. Nevertheless, there is a simple and effective way to enjoy the ride. The more I apply what I have learned, the more the dots are connecting in my life. Even better, sharing the Map with friends and clients alike has consistently benefitted them with stress relief, clarity, and awareness of the gifts within each of us. My greatest realization is that I am already fulfilled when I am connected to my heart. All it takes is a Vortex of Energy meditation, DHARMI® Yoga practice, or Cycle of Evolution session to remind me how to get there.

If you are experiencing any type of stress in your life and would like to find this reservoir of fulfillment, I want to guide you to get there. You deserve to enjoy it and the time is now.

Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times,

Giuliano Geronymo

DHARMI Holistic Consultant
Locaton: Sidney, Australia
Level: certified DHARMI Consultant

Rowanna Body

DHARMI Facilitator
Locaton: Vs, Switzerland

Corine Gex

DHARMI Facilitator
Locaton: La Neuveville, Switzerland
Level: certified DHARMI Facilitator

Julie Solterman

DHARMI Facilitator
Locaton: Les Genevez, Switzerland
Level: certified DHARMI Facilitator

Lydia Grosjean

DHARMI-YOGA Teacher & Facilitator
Locaton: Miami, FL, USA
Level: certified DHARMI Facilitator & Yoga-Teacher RYS-200

Megan Murphy

Well hello radiant soul! My name is Megan Murphy and I am a facilitator of the Vortex of Energy Meditation, and DHARMI-YOGA teacher RYT-200. If you have found this website then you have found a source for deepening your self-development. I, too, was looking for a way to connect deeper to myself and to the community around me, and it was with the Dharmi that I was able to do so. I first began as a yoga client with Christelle Chopard when I was 17, which was the spark to a new beginning for me. About a year and a half ago, I began to work with her privately, participating in her Dharmi one-on-one coaching. This is when the light inside me began to grow even brighter. This program opened my eyes to see that each and every one of us has the ability to find the happiness and growth we desire within ourselves. Christelle was a facilitator in my growing process, but it was me who discovered the gifts that I carried within me. This program provided me with tools to use in the process of my growth, such as, the Map. I was able to learn to accept stressful experiences in my past and see how they served me at that point in my life. I then learned to transcend those particular stressors that no longer served me and I was able to open up to the gifts behind the stress! She helped guide me to work through certain stressors that presently exist and helped me to accept the unknown. The Dharmi has shown me the beauty in every experience we have and allows you to see that there is a gift behind every experience, emotion, pain, or thought. Even in the darkest of times there is a light that can still be found and lit again.

I am so blessed that I have been able to work with Christelle personally and that she has given me the chance to study under her. I have been studying the Dharmi program since August 2013 and I have dedicated many hours to learning the different tools that the Dharmi provides me with to help facilitate your personal self-development. Through a multitude of meditations, maps, and activities there are an abundance of tools that can help you peel away the layers of stress that have built up from life experiences. This program is not only for those seeking stress relief but also helps provide a different perspective for those dealing with certain conflicting life choices. You may sometimes feel you have everything (the house, loving family, the cars, good health, comfort) and still have a feeling of emptiness within, and this is perfectly natural. Through the Dharmi you can discover what this emptiness is and work through it. And for those who say, Hey, I am happy, I have everything I need, why do I need the Dharmi. I simply reply, Well why not feel EVEN BETTER! I love the Dharmi program and I am blessed to know my purpose here on earth is to help facilitate others to seek growth, expansion, self-development and reconnection to their heart. I am here to inspire you to look within and around and see the beauty with every step you take on your journey in life. This life is temporary; why not take the time to live a life of peace and love?

Megan Murphy

DHARMI Facilitator
Locaton: Miami, FL, USA

Elvira Barcala