3-Month Immersion ~ Mindfulness for a Lifetime!

The DHARMI® Method is a constant evolution, a lifestyle, that when applied daily will bring increased energy and vitality, by keeping you aligned with your intentions, your “True North”.

The IMMERSION is available as a 3-month personalized online program, with one-on-one consultations with a Licensed DHARMI Consultant, during which you will learn the following tools:

  • A self-led daily meditation practice for balance and clarity
  • The weekly Vortex of Energy Meditation, aligned with the Moon Cycles for healing, alignment, strengthening and protection of your magnetic field.
  • Reflection and journaling based on the DHARMI Method to create mindfulness on Your Journey
  • Clarification and application of the GPS to navigate life transitions with clarity, confidence and compassion, in conjunction with life principles.

The 3-month program includes:

  • A series of 7 consultations guiding you through specific aspects of your life during the first month. Using the global positioning system for a holistic and integrative experience.
  • 2 consultations per week, either online or in person during the second month for clarification of the four Forms, alignments and consideration of the moon cycle when practicing the Vortex of Energy Meditation daily
  • During the third month, 2 online meetings per week for integration of the DHARMI Method as a LIFESTYLE
  • Travel Kit of 5 custom Essential Oils (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) created for the DHARMI Journey
  • Trilogy of books, authored by Christelle Chopard, Elements of the Journey, Cycle of Evolution and Mindful Resonance
  • A set of the Five Elements symbols that you can use regularly as point of references
  • Journal to follow your journey with mindfulness (soon an APP will be available)

The benefits of participating in the online immersion are many and include:

  • 3-Month Immersion, Mindfulness for a Lifetime
  • Self-mastery, self-development, receiving tools that you can use independently
  • Immediate integration of the DHARMI® Method and GPS in your daily life and routine
  • No additional flight, or hotel costs to travel to a retreat destination
  • Begin at any-time, no matter where you are, perhaps on a symbolic personal day
  • First year membership to receive monthly email with clear instructions on the days for meditation and alignement. We take in consideration life’s principles, moon cycles, season, as well as the location you will be at the moment of your practice.

Self-Investment: $3,400

Date  June 24 to September 24 2017

Location  HERE (wherever you are is perfect as long as you have wifi)

Registration  You can check out now and pay later. We will contact you after registration for a first free live introduction! Click Here

Welcome to the DHARMI TRIBE at the completion of the Immersion.