Institute for Holistic Development, where the teachings are based on the fundamental elements, energies, and a Map that supports you to navigate life’s transitions with compassion, clarity, integrity, and confidence.

Christelle Chopard received the inspiration to create the Map through her experiences as a holistic consultant, healer and mentor, traveling more than 40 countries. Her involvement in different cultures and modalities allowed her to develop a program of self development, with clear steps to support the people through their life’s journey.

The programs are based on the five elements. It is a holistic approach, to guide you to access your inner voice, awaken consciousness and walk your path with integrity.

We support you to clarify the steps on your journey, releasing attachments, stress, honoring your rhythm, and values. Private consultations and seminars are offered in person, and online.

Our Mission is to support the holistic development within our community, through personalized programs.

Our intention is to guide you to clarify your point of refrence at this time of your life, redefine your perspective, and intention; in a way that is aligned with your gifts, inspirations and truth.

The DHARMI-Yoga® School (RYS-500) offers classes, seminars and teacher trainings that are in alignment with the same holistic approach, based on the five fundamental energies for a holistic and integrative process of self development.

We do offer seminars, retreats and trainings in Florida, NYC, Switzerland and Colombia.

“Change is a constant. Transitions are happening in our families, relationships, careers, environment, … Internally, we experience transitions in our hormones, moods, physical body, priorities, and appearance. Transitions are continuously unfolding in the universe, on the planet and in the environment. The experience of transition can be uncomfortable and stressful. We may experience attachment, fears, lack of inspiration, or confidence. My intention is to support you to clarify your mind (air), to uplift your energy (fire), nurture happiness (water), and develop a healthy lifestyle (earth)!”
Christelle Chopard