The integration of Nature’s wisdom in any creative process allows a harmonious and integrative realization.

How can we manifest anything if we lack resources (Earth), or inspiration (Air), or emotional support (Water), or confidence (Fire)? If they really are lacking around us, we may access some of those essential forces within us. We may also be creative and look for them in nature and in our environment, making it possible to access those essential resources.

As we choose to honor healthy values, we are not going to force something that is not yet ready to be, but is instead based on ego, greed or fear. Also, we are not enabling excuses and ego based on resistance, procrastination or patterns that hold us back.

Whether it is for business or any other project, we can take in consideration the Five Elements to allow a holistic, harmonious process of manifestation.

This methodology supports the development of your vision with balance and integrity. It is a process that requires a clear intention, vision and purpose as well as the respect of healthy values and strong foundation to find the resources to make it possible.

We consider the vital elements of your project and intention, including:

  • Clarifying your vision and reflection (the Air Element).
  • Identifying your motivations, drive, and mission (the Fire Element).
  • Considering healthy values and relationships (the Water Element).
  • Finding the resources, creating a clear structure, and building the foundation for our vision to manifest with abundance and prosperity (the Earth Element).
  • Building up emotional capital and relationships that supports the creation (Water)
  • Leadership, confidence and expression with clear image and roles for it to shine (Fire)
  • Communication to the right target, clear direction (Air)

This Cycle in the Map leads you through clear steps to manifest your vision. You may pass through the steps multiple times in different times of the project development.

When you create a team, you like to have some team members to reflect and focus mainly on one or another aspect. This way everyone can develop his and her main potential, while working together to create a higher vision or purpose.

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