This Element deals with our emotions and our emotional intelligence. Both, of course, strongly affect our relationships.

How do you deal with relationships and daily emotional pressure? The connection with the Water Element supports you to manage stress and channel the flow of your emotions, which liberates your life flow.

Satisfying relationships and awareness are key aspects for a balanced life. We awaken emotions and influence our surroundings when we create. We are also very influenced by our environment and relationships. Healthy values will support healthy relationships. The clearer the Water, the more harmonious the flow and the communication.

The Water Element balances the Fire Element; while the Fire supports the control and direction, Water directs the expression of our emotions. A clear perception and healthy sensibility support us to bring harmony and grace to our actions. But Water also requires a container from which to flow. We find it in the Earth Element, which provides discipline, stability and support.

The Water Element is directly linked to our emotions and how we process life’s experiences. Notice whether you react to particular emotions from a space of resistance, pressure or flow. Our connection with Water, especially the ocean, releases us from stress and liberates our life’s flow.

Physically, Water reflects the stomach area and digestive system. The manifestation of the Water Element can be seen by an inflammation, an excess or lack of fat, or retention of Water.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and control our emotions and those of others. There are four types of abilities: Perceiving emotions, using emotions, understanding emotions and managing emotions.

Our emotional memory influences us strongly in our perceptions, in our creativity and in our relationships.

As a yoga teacher you share a lot of time and profound experiences with your students. All this time and experiences create a special bond in your relationships, yet your role is still of the teacher.

There is a fine line in between friendships and professional relationship. There are many intimate aspects that comes to the surface when your students are su vulnerable and open as they pass through a series of asanas.

You will develop and honor a space of confidentiality and trust based on healthy core values. As a teacher you have a strong power of influence on your students, use it wisely and with compassion.

When you practice and connect with people, your intuition can become stronger, be attentive and learn to still keep a clear mind and sense of objectivity through the process.

If you experience frustration or any other emotions, learn to channel them with creativity and compassion. You will be attentive to the sensibility of your students.

Through the practice profound emotions and memories can come back to the surface. You will have to contain the energy of the student(s). You will guide them to navigate the emotional waves with mindfulness. It is as if you are teaching them to surf the inner waves. This practice requires sensibility and high level of perception.