The Fire Element has to do with movement, direction, our self-esteem and leadership.

How do you direct your actions? Are you sensitive to your feelings? Active meditation focusing on the sun and Fire will bring you more energy and warmth. Our interactions and expression reflect our level of creativity, inspiration, confidence and awakening. We need to develop a healthy self-esteem and find confidence in ourselves, to honor our values and to stay true to our path.

We cannot find determination, act with clarity or engage ourselves into any direction when we lack self-confidence. Being too wishy-washy doesn’t help to grow. Even so, not everyone feels the desire to practice leadership in his or her life. That choice is perfectly fine. We all have our priorities. We all have our role in the society.

Whether it is an improvisation or a role that has been studied or developed after much research, the flame shines, moves and affects everyone who sees its glow. We can therefore only hide a creation for a limited time. The seed grows to finally appear out of the earth. It becomes visible. It appears and is exposed to judgment, to external conditioning. It cannot be denied—it is the expression of the Fire. Fire evokes the energy, direction and motivation to move forward with enthusiasm. Physicality, pulsation, movement and musculature reflect Fire. You can access the Fire within, nurture it, harness it and unleash more of who you truly are. The flame within us can bring warmth and support our actions and relationships. It burns, it moves, it shines.

There are even Fire Elementals, salamanders, which reside in campfires, woodstoves or anywhere there is a fire. They thrive near the flames. So can we. With the Fire, you act, move and shape yourself, your expression and your life. When the fire is overactive, it can burn itself and others. This will be shown by a passion that may be very strong, but short. People so affected may overdo, use up too much of their energy. Sometimes their actions are the reflection of an overflow of emotions. Then the Fire is extinguished as the passion within us may be. We can learn to nurture the flame within us to support the direction of our actions. There is a way to relate to the Fire Element, making use of its offered warmth and positive energy.