This Element deals with all that nurtures and grounds us. It requires that we discipline ourselves to take care of our earthly form and that we access vital energy to keep ourselves strong and energized and thus capable of manifestation. You need to tap your inner strength and ascertain how much vital energy you possess. The Earth will and does support and nurture you every day, unconditionally. Contact with the Earth Element will empower you. When you enter into connection with Mother Earth, direct contact with that Element in nature will deepen the experience of being nurtured and supported. This Element feeds our basic needs; the ones that trigger the urge to create, to procreate and to manifest. It is the foundation and support that allows the manifestation of inspiration and ideas turning them into matter, into physical form.

A strong discipline and clear organization helps us to grow. When the foundation is well- organized, just as when a garden is well-nurtured, the planted seeds will grow and our garden will thrive. First, of course, we need to have the right soil and growing conditions, so that our seeds will thrive, but we also need intention. What do we expect from our garden? It is the same when we consider our own needs. We must examine if the soil in which we hope to manifest our dreams is fertile and discover its condition (physical, economic and environmental). Will the seeds we plan to plant (our intentions) find the garden a nurturing place, a safe place to grow and lift their faces to the sun? We need to examine and clarify, and then follow, step-by-step, the garden plan that will give our plants the best chance to grow.

Physically, the Earth is the structure and base of your body. From a holistic point of view, the Earth relates to prosperity and the way we deal with our survival needs like food, nutrition, money, sex and basic hygiene. It is about the call to know where you stand, to create a family, to build a house, to own properties, to ‘have’. Some people feel always a lack, feeling unsafe and fearing loss. We are creatures of habit.

A small change in our routine can be experienced as an earthquake. A big shift related to our family, to our work, to our location or status, can be the source of a deep metamorphosis, and, as such, serve to enlighten and help us create.

The respect of the space and time, as well as the resources is fundamental for a successful practice. Have clear value and time, schedule for your work. Be professional, insured and well grounded as a teacher.

As a teacher you support your students for proper alignments. Learning the different levels of touch, based on the Five Elements will provide a great support for the wellbeing and adjustments through the practices.

The touch of the Earth is the most grounding level. It provides ..

The touch of the Water allows emotional, stress relief.

The touch of the Fire motivates, invites to contract a muscle, to connect with a specific area in the body, ..

The touch of the Air brings mindfulness and guidance to some areas of the body where the student can direct his or her breath.

The touch of the Ether is subtle, it is the way you manage and contain the space.

When you enter in contact with the person’s physical body. Make sure that your touch is firm, clear, not too intense. Ask them if that feels comfortable for them. If they say that it is too strong release the pressure directly, honoring a space of integration. Sometimes the pain memory response can take over. When there is a pain memory response, you can lead them through a cycle of evolution, to support a transcendence with consciousness and grace.