The Element of Ether deals with our intention, the vital energy (qi in Chinese philosophy, prana in yoga philosophy) and how well we integrate cosmic intelligence. It also concerns the DNA from our ancestors—our personal Tree of Life.

How aligned are you with cosmic intelligence and the source of creation? A space for meditation and inspiration is made with Ether, which forms the connection of all the Elements within one.

We receive inspiration from the space, from our dreams, from something we see, hear, feel or perceive. When we are in the zone, we have an unrestricted open perception that goes beyond the linear thinking process—literally transcending the mind.

In this Element, we find the sense of liberation through surrender, detachment and eventual connection. We have come to the heart of the matter, the core of our sacred beings. The Ether is source of inspiration, is where there are infinite possibilities and we can experience a limitless expansion.

Of the Five Elements, the Ether is the energy that connects us all. The magnetic field around our body recognizes positive or negative vibrations in our surroundings. We are blessed when we connect with this magnetic energy.

We often know things without knowing how we know. In other words, we are inspired by a Higher Purpose. The connection of all within one appears in moments of meditation. When we are conscious of the etherical field, we honor the unknown, the mystery of life. It is a space for wisdom, perception, and most importantly, faith.

This level of consciousness reminds us the sacredness of every moment, of every being on this earth, of all within and around us. Ether is the medium through which we feel a connection to the source of creation. It is also the space where we are alert to synchronicities. It is the Source Essence.